Italia - Veneto - Lozzo Atestino

Nevio Scala is a former soccer player of AC Milan (he won the 1969 Champions League from Ajax...) and coach of Parma (became national champion) Afree his soccer career, he started making natural wine on his family estate in Veneto...Meanwhile, Nevio is also assisted by his son Claudio.

Nevio Scala decided to dedicate himself to his passion: agriculture. He restored his native territory by bringing back the biodiversity that once used to surround his land; the grapes that he and his family actually grow are part of a bigger natural drawing, including also cereals, olive trees and groves.The winery is organic certified and it is part of the Vinnatur association; all the wines are made in a natural way, without the use of any additive or invasive interventions that could limit the truthful expression of the final result. The sustainable commitment of the family is a complete circle that embraces organic, social and economic aspects since the farming reality is conceived as a complex organism in complete balance with what it really represents: cosmic equilibrium.

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