Maderista Medium Dry Reserva

Region: Madeira

Producer: Madeira Wine Company SA

Maderista is a project from The Madeira Collection & Francisco Albuquerque, winemaker at Blandy's.

Maderista is a fresh and above all pure Madeira, focusing on elegance and fruitiness rather than oxidation.

The average age of the grapes used (always Tinta Negra Mole) is between 7 and 8 years old.

Maderista Medium Dry is a bit sweeter, warmer, fruitier. Leans more towards the classic style Madeira. It is an 'after-dinner' drink, perfect with sweeter desserts.

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    Volume 75.0cl.
    Grape Variety Tinta Negra Mole
    Appellation -
    Alc. 20.0%
    Vinificatie Classic madeira vinification where the wine is fortified during fermentation.
    Rijping 7 years in wooden barrels